Muffins carrot/raisin, blueberry streusel, seasonal muffin      
Muffins add butter      
Muffins add cream cheese      
Croissant plain      
Croissant chocolate      
Croissant almond      
Greek Yogurt Made With Goat & Cows Milk      
Greek Yogurt Made With Goat & Cows Milk add house made granola or seasonal fruit compote      
Two Egg Sandwich on house baked portuguese or wheat roll      
Two Egg Sandwich add cheese (swiss, cheddar, or american)      
Two Egg Sandwich substitute w/ croissant      
Two Egg Sandwich add apple wood smoked bacon      
Two Egg Sandwich add hog case pork sausage      
Stuffed French Toast philly cream cheese w/ tahitian vanilla bean & orange zest, seasonal fruit and house made compote      
Pancakes banana or blueberry      

Lunch & Dinner

French Onion Soup      
Quiche Of The Day served with mixed greens      
Macaroni & Cheese      
Garden Salad served with choice of sherry shallot or citrus vinaigrette      
Garden Salad add chicken, burger, or lentil burger      
Sautéed Shrimp over white rice with mixed vegetables      


Tuna Salad On A Croissant sliced tomato and mixed greens      

Buffalo Chicken spicy pan fried chicken, house made blue cheese-buttermilk dressing, lettuce, tomato

Semi Soft Boiled Egg & Smoked Salmon Sandwich chive cream, melted swiss on pullman loaf      
Slow Baked Chicken Sandwich served with caramelized onions, avocado, swiss cheese, and mediterranean spices on a portuguese or wheat roll      
Croque Monsieur black forest ham and swiss cheese      
Croque Madame double stacked black forest ham, swiss cheese, and egg      
Cubano fresh roasted ham, swiss cheese, black forest ham, new dill pickles dijon mustard      
Skirt Steak And Swiss Sandwich served with garlic mayonnaise      
Skirt Steak And Swiss Sandwich add fried egg      
Chicken Breast Salad Sandwich toasted pullman bread, house made paprika chips, mixed greens      


Astor Burger served with "astor sauce", swiss cheese, creamy coleslaw, pickles, lettuce and tomato on a challah roll (astor sauce: ancho, chipotle, and piquilla peppers, garlic, onions, tomato, mayonnaise, salt and pepper)      
Burger served with lettuce and tomato on a challah roll      
Burger add cheese (swiss, cheddar, american, blue cheese)      
Burger add apple wood smoked bacon      
Veggie Burger quinoa, peas, corn, oats, topped with melted swiss sauce, on a challa roll.(sauce includes mayo & ketchup)      
Lentil Burger served with horseradish sauce, mixed greens, pickled onions, tomato on a challah roll      
Astor Burger Sliders mini versions of our astor burger      


French Fries      
Garlic Herb French Fries      
Sweet Potato Fries      
Garlic Herb Sweet Potato Fries      
Horseradish Sauce      
White Truffle Mayo      
Astor Sauce      
Creamy Coleslaw      
Blue Cheese Dressing      
Real Maple Syrup      

Sliced Cakes

Red Velvet vanilla cream cheese frosting      
Triple Chocolate Cake chocolate pudding filling      
Carrot Cake vanilla cream cheese frosting      
Seasonal Cheesecake      
Seasonal Tarts      
Chocolate Mousse Cake      

Individual Pastries

Almond Macaroon gluten free      
Chocolate Brownie      
Jumbo Cookies chocolate chunk, oatmeal cranberry      
Special Seasonal Dessert      
Vegan Snicker Doodle      
Seasonal Scones weekends only      
Fluffy Herbed Biscuits weekends only      

Large Cupcakes

Red Velvet double chocolate, coconut      

Mini Cupcakes

Red Velvet vegan chocolate, coconut      
Red Velvet flourless chocolate cupcakes (gluten-free)      
Red Velvet add fresh tahitian vanilla whip cream to your dessert      


We Use Fair Trade Organic Coffee From Stone Street Coffee , A Micro Roaster In Brooklyn, NY Add Shot Espresso , Add Flavored Shot , Coffee Refill (In House Only)

Coffee astor blend, featured blend, decaf      
Café Au Lait      
Café Mocha Late      
Single Espresso      
Dark & Sweet      
Cafe Late      
Soy Latte      
Café Americana      
Red Eye      

Mighty Leaf Tea

Organic English Breakfast      
Organic Hojica Green      
Organic Bombay Chai      
Chamomile Citrus decaffeinated      
Organic Mint Tea decaffeinated      

Bottled Water

San Pellegrino      
Acqua Panna      
Poland Springs      

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee      
Iced Decaf Coffee      
Fresh Mint Iced Tea      
Hibiscus Iced Tea      
Sea Salt Lemonade      
Iced Latte      
Iced Soy Latte      
Iced Mocha Latte      
Iced Chai Latte      
Iced Americana      
Iced Red Eye      
Iced Cappuccino      
Chocolate Milk